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[Feature] New Stickies

How does someone suggest or make a new long term sticky for a board now? There's no one to e-mail. Some boards could really use and update or just get a sticky to begin with
Feel free to submit sticky suggestions via the Feedback page. If you can demonstrate that you've solicited feedback from the board in advance (link us to an archived thread), all the better! Anonymous ## Mod status 09/07/15 12:45

[Bug] Frames

Viewing the boards with frames was never removed. It's always been available by visiting: http://www.4chan.org/frames Anonymous ## Developer status 08/31/15 11:30

[Bug] connection error?

http://i.gyazo.com/428bacfe3707606f672cddf73be78633.png i always get this error message when i try to make a post on /adv/ but i never get any error messages on any other boards?
Errors that are specific to /adv/ are almost always due to adblock extensions, as 'adv' is commonly used on other websites as shorthand for 'advertisement'. You might want to consider white-listing *.4chan.org and *.4cdn.org. Anonymous ## Mod status 08/05/15 17:59

[Bug] Site still cocks up at night.

Why do you refuse to fix the nightly loading bug? I have reported this issue at least five times now, and yet it persists. Useless bastards, all of you.
pretty rude tbh Anonymous ## Developer status 07/09/15 17:12

[Feedback] Reporting

Should we report rule breaking/illegal content in the archive or you don't bother to check it?
Illegal content and rule-breaking posts should always be reported, even when the thread has been archived. Anonymous ## Mod status 07/03/15 15:36

[Feedback] Question about Avatars

Is posting pictures of your own character from whatever game you're playing, like Skyrim, Fallout, Mass Effect etc considered using an "avatar" when used in the /vg/ generals for those games?
If the picture is somehow directly relevant to the discussion at hand, then no. However, if you are posting pictures of your game character with every post, even when it is not relevant, and are attempting to emote with, or post as if you are speaking through it with it, then yes. Anonymous ## Mod status 07/02/15 18:22

[Feedback] Subject is niche and I'm confused as to which board to go to post about it

I'm wanting to post about radio control cars, what board do I go to?
Threads about radio controlled cars should be posted on /toy/. Anonymous ## Mod status 06/27/15 08:48

[Feedback] New Admin Email?

Will we be seeing a new admin email on the contact page for certain complaints/reports/comments or is the Feedback page being monitored and used for that? Seems kind of barren on this page so we can't be for sure if anyone's reading.
E-mail contacts for the administrator and moderation team were phased out in favor of the Feedback page about a year ago. Even if you don't receive a public response, rest assured that submissions are checked regularly by the developer(s) and managing moderator. Anonymous ## Mod status 06/26/15 23:08

[Bug] Missing Commercial Feedback report option

I have noticed that the commercial spam/robot report in the report system has gone missing. Has it been removed? Will it come back?
The "Commercial Spam" report type was removed/deprecated since it was rarely used and is less of an issue these days. Please report spam as a regular "Rule Violation" instead. Anonymous ## Mod status 06/26/15 23:03

[Feedback] adv update

Why doesn't the board /adv/ have the update function?

Also why don't the replies show up near the top of the post?-the only way to find out is hovering over a quote.

Please fix,thanks.
Problems like this that are specific to /adv/ tend to be caused by ad blocker extensions because /adv/ is often used by other sites as an abbreviation for advertisement in their banner ad URLs. The ad blocker extension therefore inappropriately blocks functions of /adv/ that are completely unrelated to advertising. The solution is to create a whitelist rule for *.4chan.org and *.4cdn.org in your ad blocker extension. Anonymous ## Mod status 06/05/15 06:56

[Feedback] reporting post

Cant find report post when I visit site still have that?
Click the triangle (▶) next to the post you'd like to report, then "Report post." Anonymous ## Admin status 11/17/14 18:08

[Feature] Tomorrow theme on mobile

It would be nice to have the tomorrow theme on mobile. It's much easier on the eyes especially in the dark.
This is now supported. Go to "Settings" in the upper-right, "Miscellaneous," and check "Use a dark theme - Use the Tomorrow theme for nighttime browsing." Anonymous ## Admin status 11/17/14 17:57

[Bug] IP Address Ban

Got back from work on the 21st/early morning on the 22nd to find I was banned for a post I didn't make, and couldn't have made considering my laptop was in my possession at all times. Apparently the ban has already been appealed and denied, anything I can do to avoid this situation in the future?
Unfortunately this is an unavoidable problem with dynamic IPs. You will have to either wait out the ban, or wait until you can submit another appeal. Anonymous ## Mod status 08/27/14 18:17

[Bug] I don't understand what is and isn't considered an "avatar."

Can you explain to me what is considered an "avatar?" I'll post one reaction image of a character and get banned for using an "avatar" and it seems completely random whether it happens or not. Is any anime reaction image an avatar? I'm not asking to be unbanned, I would just like some clarity on this because I really don't understand when I'm breaking the rule or not.
An avatar is a repetitive image or set of images that a user persistently attaches to their posts in an effort to uniquely identify themselves. Typically avatar users will have a folder full of images of a particular animated character with different poses and facial expressions, and they will choose images from this folder as a way of emoting their posts. In effect, they are attempting to post as if they were speaking as the character. If you are persistently attaching unrelated images of a particular character to your posts in an effort to uniquely identify yourself and roleplay as a character, then you are avataring.

This immediately lowers the level of discourse, and derails the thread to be about the avatar user instead of about the topic of discussion. This form of attention-whoring is not welcome on 4chan. If you absolutely must be uniquely identified, you can make use of the name field.
Anonymous ## Mod status 06/06/14 22:35

[Feedback] Policy Clarification on Foreign Languages and Possible Change

Nowhere on the global or /mlp/ rules page does it specify which language posters must use in /mlp/. Recently, Spanish threads to discuss pony have been banned on /mlp/. They may have always been banned, but are only being deleted now. Several months ago, there were two /q/ posts by mods which indicated that Spanish threads to discuss the show were allowed. More recently, a mod on IRC said that those two posts are invalid, and clarified that Spanish threads are not allowed on /mlp/.

There have been rule clarifications by mods in the past, which still apply today (ban on Milky Way, Ass Worship, Fluffy Ponies). These rule clarifications are even referenced in rule 1 of /mlp/'s rules. These rule clarifications were made at the same time it was clarified that Spanish threads are allowed. It seems that mod posts don't clearly determine what is and isn't allowed, and so the rules page should be updated.

It would be nice to allow the Spanish threads, because it isn't possible to discuss the show in /int/, so they would have nowhere to go.
Spanish language threads are disallowed because posters consistently used them to discuss/link to content that violates United States law.

Milky Way, Ass Worship, and Fluffy Pony threads are still not allowed. /mlp/ is a worksafe board, and will remain a worksafe board.
Anonymous ## Mod status 06/01/14 23:42

[Bug] Global Rule 16 in /w/

I'm not sure if it's right to put this under Report an Issue since it's more of a question but I'll say it anyway. In /w/, is it against Global Rule 16 to create a thread for wallpapers of a certain style (ex. Minimalistic) or from a certain anime?
It is perfectly OK to start a thread about a particular theme or about a particular anime. Please check the catalog first however, as a thread about that particular topic may already exist.

If you are starting a new thread however, you need to post several wallpapers of your own to get the thread started. Don't just post one image and expect everyone else to do all the work of creating a successful thread. You should try to post at least three images of your own.
Anonymous ## Mod status 05/21/14 22:45

[Feedback] Thread stats

With the new update I see that the posts/images/page stats for each thread are just in numbers now, without any indication of what the numbers say.

Why did you remove the labels for the stats, and can you please bring them back?
Hover your mouse over a number to see the label. Anonymous ## Mod status 05/21/14 22:39

[Bug] Technical issue with frames version of the website

I sent this to moot's email but i'm not sure if he actually checks that.

Basically any attempt to create a new thread on the frames version results in being re-directed to about:blank (a blank page) instead on firefox. on IE i get a message saying the publisher does not allow the content to be displayed in a frame. This is regardless of whether the captcha was correct.

I have a feeling moot changed something that broke the frames version of the website, can someone forward this issue to him please?
Thanks for the report—this should now be fixed. Anonymous ## Admin status 05/18/14 19:25

[Feedback] Regarding Global Rule 16

Could you clarify if asking a Poster for Clarification (e.g. asking him for the Sauce of the Picture he just posted) is a violation of the "No Request Rule".
Making a new thread asking for the source of an image, the name of the model or character in the image, or more images of the same theme or set (without contributing several images of your own) is considered "requesting", and such threads belong exclusively on /r/. Merely replying to an otherwise rule-abiding post asking for the source of an image is not considered a request, as a new thread is not being started. Anonymous ## Mod status 05/18/14 12:52

[Feedback] Bitcoin donations when

you need to remind everyone 4chan is a money hole and put up an address for bitcoin donations.
We don't allow donations of any kind, but you are free to purchase a 4chan Pass using Bitcoin. Anonymous ## Admin status 05/17/14 02:24

[Feedback] Regarding Unique ID's

So last night, a friend of mine and me were browsing the same threads and we noticed that we had the same ID's (while ofc. on different PC's). So my best guess is that they are tied to an IP-adress. Is this something that can easily be fixed? (i.e. Tie the ID's to a browser instead of an IP).
Or is it not worth the effort?
The only reasonable alternative would be cookie-based, which would be inferior to the current IP-based method. Anonymous ## Admin status 05/17/14 02:23

[Bug] Quick Reply not Working for /adv/

I haven't been on /adv/ in a while so I don't know if this is a new feature or something sudden, but when I click the post number, the quick reply box will open up but when I click 'Post' nothing happens. When I click 'Post' again, it just says the action was aborted.

Clicking 'Post a Reply' works however.

/vg/ and /a/ don't have this problem; don't know about the other boards.
It's likely an issue with AdBlock. AdBlock messes up /adv/ because it thinks "/adv/" is an advertising URL. Anonymous ## Admin status 05/17/14 02:17

[Bug] /frames

I have noticed that on the /frames version of the site, some of the boards are still marked down as "trial", any reason why they are still marked like that?
Just an oversight. Should be fixed now. Anonymous ## Admin status 05/17/14 02:14

[Feedback] Reporting multiple posts at a time

Due to the new site update the feature to mark down multiple posts and report them all at once seems to have been removed and they now have to be flagged one by one

Will the feature be returning at any point?
You've never able to report multiple posts at once. Checking multiple checkboxes still only reported a single post. Anonymous ## Admin status 04/20/14 12:55