4chan ROTATING BANNERS + HOUSE ADS! - Ended: 07/08/13 @ 12:00AM EDT

For the first time in over five years we're running contests for new 4chan banners. We're accepting submissions for both the rotating banners and our house ads.

Rotating Banners
If you've used 4chan for more than five minutes, you're no stranger to these rotating banners that have been with the site since its inception. In fact, a large percentage of these are from 4chan's inception (over 9 years ago), and it's about time we add some more. Below are the parameters for what we're looking for:

  1. Must be 4chan inspired/related or board culture related.
  2. Note that this is a global rotation, and there are no board specific banners. Banners should be suitable for the entire site, and worksafe.
  3. Image dimensions must be 300x100. JPG, PNG, and GIF accepted. Filesize should be less than 100KB.
  4. See the previous winners (from 2003!) for ideas and inspiration.

House Ads
These banners run in the banner ad positions (somewhat outdated example placement here) and link to internal 4chan pages. The goal is to drive awareness to the various pages hosted on www.4chan.org when we aren't running paid advertisements.

  1. 4chan inspired/related/themed. Example: incorporate characters like Yotsuba, mootcat, Anonymous, etc.
  2. Banners must be related to www.4chan.org pages—such as Rules, FAQ, News, etc. No board banners will be accepted (see the above contest for these).
  3. Image dimensions must be 728x90 or 468x60 pixels. JPG, PNG, and GIF accepted, but PNG preferred. Filesize must be less than 100KB.
  4. See the previous winners (from 2005!) for ideas and inspiration.

The winners will have their banners featured on boards.4chan.org and receive credit on this page.

Submissions should be posted to the appropriate stickied threads on /q/. Thanks in advance to all those who submit their work!

4chan LOGO (REDUX)! - Ended: 12/17/07 @ 3:30AM EST

We're accepting submissions for a new logo to replace the current one from the new layout. Not looking for any radical changes here; the design should still be based off of the classic portrayal of four leaves or Yotsuba's pigtails. I'm just looking for something new that meshes well with the current front page. Some requirements:

  1. Must resemble classic design.
  2. Needs to incorporate the new gradient into the image. Use the interim logo for reference, as well as this fade file.
  3. Should use identical or very similar "4chan - FOUR MORE YEARS!" text. Feel free to copy it from the interim logo.
  4. Must be PNG format, under 10KB (lower is better), and sized 300x120px.

The winner will obviously have their logo featured on www.4chan.org and receive credit on this page. Submissions and/or questions should be e-mailed to me here. Contest will last until I select a winner or decide to end it. Thanks in advance to all those who choose to submit work!

4chan BNRS! - Ended: 02/15/07 @ 5:00AM EST

I ran a small contest on /i/ for 4chan inspired banners to be used as links back to our content pages on the main website. They're being displayed in the 468x60px rotating slot (when the paid ads don't show), and have replaced our old in-house rotation. The guidelines were:

  1. 4chan inspired/related/themed. Example: incorporate characters like Yotsuba, mootcat, Anonymous, etc.
  2. 468x60px sized images only. PNG preferred. No images over 50KB will be accepted.
  3. Image must be related to the header pages. No board banners will be accepted.

Thanks to all those who submitted!

4chan IMGS! - Ended: 03/29/06 @ 1:00PM EST

Well, it's been a while—over two years to be precise. Last night I was considering removing this page due to its inactivity, however, I'm glad to report this won't be the case. We need the community's help in designing a few neat pictures to be used on 4chan's "403 Forbidden", "404 Not Found" and banned user pages. See below for details:

  1. Image should incorporate Yotsuba&! / 「よつばと!」's Yotsuba Koiwai in some fashion. Other characters are permitted so long as Yotsuba is included (remember: she is 4chan's mascot). Caveat: If you have an extremely good idea that you feel warrants submission even though it does not include Yotsuba, submit it anyway. Incorporating mootcat would be neat too!
  2. Dimensions should not exceed 500x500 pixels (smaller preferred, this is the upper limit).
  3. File type must be PNG—do not submit images saved in a lossy compression format.
  4. Please be aware of filesize, do not submit anything "huge." 200-300KB should be more than enough to work with.
  5. Multiple submissions are both welcome and encouraged. We may run a rotating banner script on the pages so that more than one selected winner may be viewed (comparable to the way 4chan's rotating banner works).

Submissions should be uploaded to /ic/'s submission thread, located here. If for some reason it is impossible that you upload your submission(s) to the preferred location, feel free to e-mail them to me at the usual. There is no set run time for this contest, but it should run no longer than one week in length. I've tossed around a lot of ideas for this in the past (in e-mails to Dan Kim at least), so I'll include them here:

  • 403 Forbidden - A picture of Yotsuba or mootcat holding up a STOP sign? Something to imply no access/stop/forbidden/etc.
  • 403 Forbidden - mootcat holding her arms up in the air with a target on her head scaring Yotsuba as Miura does in the manga. [Image]
  • 404 Not Found - Yotsuba bending down searching for files on the floor. Convey files as scattered pieces of paper with scribbles, with two readable pieces saying "404" and "Not Found."
  • Banned User - Four panel strip showing a character: 1. Sitting at a computer viewing the banned page (to convey banishment), 2. Sending an e-mail off, and waiting..., 3. Still waiting ;_;, 4. Showing a response such as "NEW MAIL! banned@4chan" on the screen, but the character has already died and is a skeleton.

4chan ICON! - Ended: 12/08/03 @ 11:51PM EST

4chan is now looking to implement a favorites icon. This little icon is visable in your browser under the 'Favorites' menu or in the address bar. The requirements for this submission are as follows:

  1. Must be visually appealing and incorporate something having to do with 4chan.
  2. The dimensions of the image need to be 16x16 pixels (no more, no less), at 256 colors.

All submissions or inquiries should be e-mailed to me. Please do not post entries or questions on the boards, last time a lot of great entries were submitted on the board and not mailed to me—causing a few not to be used.

The prize for this contest is free archive access whenever it is ready. Running time for the contest should be about a week, but remember unlike last time only one submission will be accepted.

4chan LOGO! - Ended: 10/03/03 @ 1:35AM EDT

4chan needs a few logos. The plan is to implement a rotating image PHP script, and have these display on the image boards. Here are the requirements for submission:

  1. Must be anime or J-pop related, directly or indirectly.
  2. Worksafe images preferred, however this is not a solid requirement. Please use discretion.
  3. Can be no larger than 300x100 pixels. If you think this is too small, contact me and we can work something out.

Submissions should be mailed to me here.

There is no real prize, this is more of a request than a contest. Other than having your logo possibly displayed, you will of course recieve credit and my personal thanks (WHAT A STEAL!).