Advertise - Self-Serve Ads FAQ

Who can advertise using 4chan's self-serve ad system?

Self-serve ads are intended for anyone who wishes to promote a product, website, Kickstarter project, etc—or just for fun/to get a message in front of the 4chan community. Ads can be commercial or non-commercial. Click here to purchase an ad using our self-serve system.

What can be advertised?

All advertising campaigns (advertiser, creatives, links, etc) are subject to 4chan's approval before commencing.

General Ad Guidelines:
  1. Ads must be of acceptable quality, and "worksafe."
  2. No porn/adult/explicit ads will be accepted.
  3. No ads inciting raids or containing personal information will be accepted.
  4. No ads that are harmful or malicious in nature will be accepted.
  5. No affiliate marketing (referral, direct marketing, etc).
  6. You may not advertise products or services that violate United States or local law.
  7. Landing pages must match ad content (i.e. no "bait & switch" advertising).
  8. Ads cannot purport to be "official" 4chan ads.
  9. We only accept static banner ads in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. Animated GIFs, Flash, rich media, etc are not accepted.
  10. Purchasing any advertisement on 4chan does not exempt you from our strict "No Advertising" rule on the boards. You are purchasing a banner ad only—not the ability to advertise your product/site/etc in regular posts.
  11. 4chan reserves the right to reject any and all advertising at its sole discretion.

Can I target individual boards or sections of the site?

Yes. You can target the entire site (the default), categories (worksafe or not-worksafe), or specific boards. See the Board drop-down under the Targeting section of the ad product pages, and make your selection(s).

How long will it take for my campaign to be approved?

We do our best to approve or reject campaigns within 48 hours. If you have special time constraints, please e-mail e-adv@4chan.org.

How long will my ads run for?

Ads will run until all impressions have been delivered. Ads are set to serve as quickly as possible by default, so flight time will vary based on how much inventory is available for your targeted boards (Note: This can be as little as a few hours or as long as a few weeks—it depends entirely on inventory availability). If you would like to frequency cap or specify pacing over a longer period of time, please contact us about a managed campaign.

Note that your campaign will not begin until it has been approved (you'll receive an e-mail when this happens), and is subject to inventory availability. If they have already been approved, campaigns will begin at 00:00 UTC on the selected start date.

My campaign reports it has completed delivery, but I never saw my ad. How come?

Per above, ads are set to serve as quickly as possible by default. This means we serve the campaign as quickly as possible, subject to inventory availability. Since (as of September 2013) 4chan serves more than 20 million page impressions per day (each with multiple ad units), we tend to deliver campaigns rather quickly, unless our inventory is constrained due to a takeover campaign/ad buy-out.

Also per above, we encourage advertisers contact us directly about a managed campaign should you have specific frequency capping, pacing, or targeting requirements.

How can I check on the status of my campaign?

Campaign information can be viewed at the Your Campaigns link on the Self-Serve Ads page (approval status, impressions delivered, etc). A report will also be sent to you once your campaign is complete.

Can I run more than one campaign at a time/purchase multiple ad products?

Yes! After you've set up one product, you'll have the opportunity to immediately add more at the end of the setup process. You can also purchase additional products/impressions at any time from the Self-Serve Ads page.

If I purchase more than one ad product (i.e. the 728x90 Leaderboard and 468x60 Full Banner), will my ads be shown on the same page?

Potentially. Your ads are served in a rotation with other campaigns. If you purchase more than one ad product, your ads may or may not show up on the same page at the same time. Interested in taking over all of a board's ads for a given number of days? E-mail us.

My business only operates in a specific country/state/city—can I target my ads to just that area?

Our self-serve ads are targetable down to the board level per product. If you require more sophisticated targeting such as geo-targeting, our managed campaigns feature advanced targeting capabilities.